About Us

We are Melissa McGovern and Philippa Hester. This is our blog 2singlemums.com

We are two single mums to two lively (lovely) boys Ryan and Leo and we do a LOT with them. We met two years ago through Netmums and have been everywhere together ever since.

Single parenting can sometimes feel lonely and day trips can often feel impossible. However, by sharing our tips, tips and reviews we hope to encourage the fun side that single parenting deserves to have brought out.

Tips for Trips

2 Single Mums currently own precisely 0 vehicles. Not owning a car and transporting little ones to the corners of the UK or throughout the underground system can be a hindrance. Juggling work commitments and finance can be a burden. Travelling with tantrums and impatience can be a headache!
But let non of that put you off!
After looking at our facebook page one mum remarked ”nothing stops you does it?”
And that is absolutely true for us and hopefully for you too! Hope you get some hints and inspiration from the posts on this page and feel free to comment any of your own.