What to Pack For A Weekend Away With Kids (or what I should really, really have packed but didn’t)

Paying for theme park meals is very dear!

So, there are many things little ones need. (Food).  There are many things 2 Single Mums bring in order to keep costs down at theme parks and hotels and the like. We have only one pair of hands though and only one back!

Hats off to those brave parents who backpack abroad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my top 5 most useful I did not bring to Alton Towers for 2 sleeps but really wished I had.

1)Calpol – I remember eyeing the bottle standing in the kitchen at home. He probably won’t get sick in the next couple of days I thought. Casually sticking my tongue out at the God’s of Fate and blowing a big raspberry. Day two was stomach aches followed by skipping the evening entertainment for a stomach ache in the hotel room. Calpol from the hotel shop was necessary, buying it when I have it in triplicate at home was not. Ditto hot water bottle.

2) Change(s) of Clothes- note the S there. As in a minimum of two changes per day. Or a big roll of clingfilm to wrap the child in and wipe down everyday! It began to drizzle as we queued for the rollercoaster, it fell down as we took our seats when there was no turning back and then we flew at speed into the now heavy rain,  at such force I couldn’t hold my eyes open against it. Drying shoes in the toilet hand dryer and looking like you’ve pissed yourself in all the photos is all part of fun (challenge) though isn’t it?

3)A bag with pockets ….ticket sized pockets…..Merlin pass sized pockets…….a bag with pockets , each pocket allotted to each required ticket or pass. It is a bad idea to hand train tickets and passes to a 7 year old. I know this….Now!

4)Snacks. And not just you know a bag of crisps and a bottle of water. The maximum amount of snacks you can possibly carry. Food was our biggest expense. I have even started putting snacks into a little case each time I go shopping to prepare for next time. Chiefly because Philippa isn’t with me and this is usually her forte.

5)Glasses or other visual aids so that I WILL NOT leave the wet swimwear behind on the pool floor, hotel room shower curtain but will see my belongings and put them into my bag!

Thank you for reading this far. You are clearly awesome. If you enjoyed this post please take the time to like, share or comment. Much Love, Melissa x


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