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Top 5 Tips for Queuing with Kids

LEGOLAND Star Wars Experience
Two Lively Boys in their element, running free round the playground in LEGOLAND.

On Sunday the sun beat down on the queue for Storm Surge at Thorpe Park. One Lively Boy who is now 7 (very important difference from being 6) was bored, One Lively Boy was moaning, One Lively Boy didn’t really even want to take this ride with Mummy and her friend.
And so it could have started. The scolding, the yelling, the insistence on cloth ears to behave and stand still to no avail.
But One Single Mum knew that she was going to write a blog post on beating this and beat the stress of the queue we did.
Two Lively Boys usually beat through this sufferance together. Rolling on the floor together, wrestling or doing this bizarre hugging/fighting thing. You know the one? The we’re very dear friends and love each other very much but we’re boys! and boys don’t hug one another so this is how we express it thing.
There’s also the running off annoying Two Single Mums things, the throwing stuff that could result in injury thing i.e lego bricks, rocks or fake snow. Anything decorative in an attraction meant to be visually distracting but can easily be manipulated in destructive little hands.
1)Fidget Spinners – We know these are much hated by schools and parents alike but they are easily transportable and entertaining. As adult childless friends have been lured by their influence there must be something appealing them.

2)Heads Up! – This game kept us going through the hour long queue for Storm Surge. Thanks to friend of Two Single Mums Amy for the introduction and the use of her data. A guessing game on an app much the same as the party game where people where post-it notes on their foreheads and there’s a kids category. If like Two Single Mums your precious phone battery is dedicated to booking an Uber or taking photographs of Two Lively Boys you can probably make your own phone-less version of this. One Lively Boy likes to play this before bedtime to switch from physical, jumping, screaming and yelling to intellectual, sitting and thinking before bedtime. We give each other clues and it really makes a Mum notice the funny things we come up with so specific to the Mummy-Son bond.
ie Australia: Clue:Where is the Goosebumps shop?
Pretty sure there is no such place except in One Lively Boy’s imagination.

3)Take advantage of fast track.
Two Single Mums have never bought fast track passes but if you stay in resorts you can have early access for an set amount of time first thing. Plan the rides for the full-on queues very selectively in this time and also note that some parks alow you in half hour before day tickets. In short, get in early!
Also always worth going on a weekday or a slightly cooler day. This seems to help the parks popularity problem. Even school holiday weekdays are emptier and if you home school your children or have pre-schoolers go for it! May you never know the groan of the queue and that is just Two Single Mums reactions!

Take snacks, lots and lots of snacks. As many snacks as your pack horse backpack physically allows. It also means you can queue when everyone else is at lunch.

5)Use what you see!
Some places like Legoalnd play films on screens as you queue or has a spot where children can sit as the grown ups queue around them. It is worth learning from One Lively Boys misadventure of just living the area and causing extreme panic that the child is fully debriefed as to how this works.

Feel free to comment so we can grow as our patience does! Ha!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for Queuing with Kids

  1. Some great tips! I didn’t know that you got early entry/fast passes if you stayed at the resort, what a nice bonus if it was for a special occasion šŸ™‚


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